TASS International 会社概要
会社名 TASS International

登記社名 TASS International株式会社
TASS International K.K.

「TASS International株式会社」に商号を変更いたしました

所在地 〒222-0033
横浜市港北区新横浜2-17-19 HF新横浜ビルディング3F 印刷用地図

代表者 代表取締役 堀田 基之

設立 1997年9月

資本金 1,000万円

事業内容 自動車等の輸送機器に関する各種シミュレーション技術、試験、


We work closely with our clients to enhance human safety. We assist our customers with improving the economy and effectiveness of safety design and provide dedicated solutions. Our aim is to help the transport industry achieve zero traffic fatalities and to reduce the severity of traffic injuries. We help to make cars, motorcycles, buses, commercial vehicles, mass transport systems and aircraft more than just safe. We want to make them TASS-safe.
TASS International 本社(オランダ)
TNO aims to contribute to making our future means of transport safer, cleaner and more efficient. Research and development of automotive systems and components is our core business. We concentrate on a number of themes. In these areas we belong to the world's top R&D institutions, with a number of the worlds top automotive companies among our clients.
TNO Mobility(オランダ)